I’m done hiding my emotions.

My day’s been a little long, with training at work and just generally getting back in the swing of concentrating on things that aren’t Netflix for multiple hours. But we did an activity called True Colors in which I found out that I, along with one other SOLer, was almost completely “blue.” According to this personality test I’m very likely to have the following traits:

Sensitive to the needs of others; Sincere; Expresses appreciation; Cooperative; Collaborative; Creative; Caring; People person; Engages others; Inclusive; Intuitive; Romantic; Loyal; Seeks harmony; Caretaker.

One of the “negative” traits that blue people have is emotional.

Now, this really fucking bugs me. Why is being emotional a weakness? I know how I feel about things, and I relate to others on a very deep level. I have emotional needs that I have to have met to feel adequately appreciated in relationships. And for a very, very long time I’ve been told to hide or try to change that fact. But after seeing that at least approximately 25% of other people are characterized as emotional that people should just start fucking dealing with it, and respecting my needs as a person.

No, I’m not going to hide it anymore when I’m hurt. I don’t care if my emotions make you uncomfortable, and I’m done apologizing for getting upset. You think you feel like you’re walking on eggshells around me? Try swallowing every single thing that hurts me so that you won’t think that I’m crazy and overly emotional. It boils and rots in my psyche because you don’t realize that these are things that genuinely hurt me, and then when I snap you’re fucking surprised.

I am done hiding this shit because I deserve people who are conscious of my emotions and who are genuinely concerned with my well being.

*drops the mic and walks away*


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