Another one of my very own #YesAllWomen moments


Today I received a phone call from a guy.

I was weary to answer the call because my last encounter with him ended with him yelling at me that I’m a bitch because I had been avoiding hanging out with him, and him hitting me with a glow stick so hard that I had a welt for two days.

He had been calling me incessantly—15 times in one day. I kept ignoring the call, or having my friends answer because I was so sick of telling him that I didn’t want to hang out. One of my friends ended up pitying him and telling him where I was.

When he found me, I was cuddling with someone else on a couch, which made him very, very angry. I knew he was jealous, and I get it. The kid liked me, but we had no actual relationship other than the fact that a month prior we had hooked up once or twice (be it the intoxicants or the quality of the company, it wasn’t particularly memorable).

He not only tried to get violent with me, but also the person I was cuddling with. It was at that point when I decided to leave for my own safety—even though my friend’s house was where I was planning on staying the night because I was in town visiting.

He then texted me accusing me of getting him involved in drama that he didn’t want to be “dragged into.” All this after I tried desperately to avoid him for 10 hours while he did everything he could to hunt me down.

Fast forward to today when he called me. He said he was calling to apologize. I was glad that he was taking a step in recognizing that he fucked up—but it devolved into him saying that he was pissed that I was with someone who was “not as cool as him.”

It was at this point where I (literally) said “I am not your property and I can have sex with whomever I want.”

His response was “I know, but…” whereupon he continued to man-splain to me that he did have rights to my body over other men because he was cooler than them.

If that’s not male entitlement and rape culture than I don’t know what is.



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