Writing inspiration from Tim Ferriss and Neil Strauss

In my writing adventures I’ve had many ups and downs and drop offs (obviously). But one day I hope to be like these guys–living the dream by writing and thinking everyday and making money off of it. It’s a long video (over an hour), but it’s totally worth it and super interesting.

Gotta thank my buddy iamalexbirkett for forwarding this video to me.



Paradigm Shift

Hey all—

Recently I’ve had what I’m starting to call a ‘paradigm shift’ in my life.

Woke up Monday morning and saw my life through a completely different set of eyes, with an incredibly new perspective on my actions, relationships, daily choices and goals.

Part of that is I’ve realized that in these moments I have the most to say—so that’s why I’m coming back to my 30 day challenge, in the hopes of actually completing it.

Thanks for your patience, and you should be hearing from me soon.


My Grandma Made Me Do It


This is my grandma, but I call her Nanny. Wine drinker, iPad user, and founder of our local Knitter’s Guide (no, really), Nanny is quite talented. But one talent that she doesn’t often share with people outside the family is the fact that she believes that she’s a witch. Not like a wiccan, or an evil old wench, but sort of a good, sorta psychic, sorta I don’t even really know. It’s just something she’s told me all my life, and when she cured my tummyaches with a magical mixture of sprite and orange juice, you bet your butt I believed her. To prove to the family, or maybe just to spite them, when each of her grandchildren were born she had everyone in our immediate family write down a profession on a piece of paper and sealed them up and took bets.

I just found out about this practice recently when my oldest cousin graduated from college and my aunt and grandpa reminded my Nanny that it was time to bust out the predictions. With my cousin having picked a career path that none of us would have guessed  (interior design, not to be confused with interior decoration), Nanny claims to have “misplaced” my cousin’s envelope.

Of course, all of the grandkids wanted to know what our family had predicted for us, and especially what Nanny thought. While she doesn’t seem to remember what she thought my cousin was meant to be, she looked me in the eye and told me what she had been telling me since I can remember:

“Hailey, you’re a writer.”

So when I told her that I was doing a 30 day blogging challenge, she chided me for not already being an internationally published author. After showering me with her crippling grandmotherly overestimation of my talent, she asked me what it was called. I kind of balked.

“I don’t know, Nanny. It’s just my blog.”

“You should call it My Grandma Made Me Do It.

While I doubt that the little 21 year old piece of paper really holds any valuable information about what my profession will be (I’m actually excited about pursuing a career as a sexual health educator), I know that my Nanny, like many other wonderful people around me, for some reason find my writing enjoyable. And you know what? I really fucking love writing. Maybe Nanny can’t really tell the future, but she sure as hell can hone in on what makes her grandkids happy.

And here I am, three glasses of red wine, a mug of tea and many, many spritz cookies later writing, well, because my grandma made me do it.

30 Day Challenge

So I have this friend, his name is Alex Birkett, and he’s always doing these crazy little things. Sometimes he’s cultivating ideas for start-up companies, sometimes he’s going paleo (or possibly conducting a super-secret social experiment about how people react to fad dieters, cause honestly I’m pretty sure beer isn’t paleo), and now he’s doing 30 day challenges instead of having a New Year’s Resolution. And I thought that was pretty cool. Because I’m hoping to try and stick to something—anything—for a month, I’m going to continue to post at least one blog a day for the next 28 days (I started yesterday, and with this one I’m good for today). I might post another blog later tonight.

What do you wanna read about?